9 Cairn

Scottish cairn on the grounds of Riccarton HouseFind the Scottish cairn.

Question : Who wrote the words to ‘Auld lang syne’ ?


  1. Cairn is a Scottish word for a pile of rocks that is a memorial or trail marker.
  2. There is a brass plaque on top of it that has the answer.
  3. It is near the predator proof fence gate and in front of a brick wall.

8 Short trunk

Oldest tree in Canterbury, at Riccarton BushFind a tree with a short trunk, and five main branches. It was planted by the Deans family.

Question : What fruit does it have ?


  1. It is to the right when you exit the Bush predator proof fence.
  2. It is the oldest known tree in Canterbury, probably planted in 1846

7 Matai

Matai tree within Deans BushA tree with the Maori name Matai also grows in the Bush.

Question : What is the English name for the Matai tree ?


  1. Look for a big and a skinny tree very close together.
  2. It has a two word name in English.
  3. The first word is a color.
  4. The second word is the type of wood grown and exported from New Zealand a lot right now.
  5. The trees are on a straight gravel part of the loop track, beside a fallen log.

6 Grove

Riccarton Bush walking mapGo to the ‘Grove’ within Riccarton Bush, and get information about the tallest trees in this ancient forest.

Question : What is the Maori name for these tall trees ? What is the name in English ?


  1. Go through the predator proof fence.
  2. The Grove is at the center of the Bush.
  3. Look at this map or find the one in the Bush.
  4. Follow the Kahikatea loop track.

5 Bean tree

Indian Bean tree on the grounds of Riccarton House and BushFind the Catalpa tree. It is also known as the Indian Bean tree.

Question : Is the tree from India or North America ?


  • It is near a pile of rocks.
  • It is near the entrance to the Bush.
  • It is between the house and the the predator proof fence.
  • This tree doesn’t like curry.

4 House

Riccarton House, built in three stagesStand with your back to the river looking at Riccarton house.

The house was built in 3 stages.

Question : Which side was built in 1900, and which side in 1856 ?


  • Glass costs less every year.
  • The simpler it is the older it is.
  • Inside the front room you might get a clue.

3 Pear

Very tall French Pear tree on the grounds of Riccarton Bush and HouseFind the French variety pear tree that could be the tallest pear in the world!

Question : What is the pear’s French name ?


  • From the Lime tree , look for a cabbage tree, I’m behind that across the lawn.
  • I am a big tree beside some lupin flowers.

2 Lime

Grafting marks on the base of a Silver Pendant Lime treeFind the Silver Pendant Lime tree, look for the grafting mark on the side at the bottom.

Question – What year was it planted ? (It should be on the plaque).


  • The lime tree is near the back corner of the house.
  • You can see the lime tree from the oak trees.
  • My leaves and branches reach the ground.
  • I’m behind a picnic table.

1 Oaks

Governor George Grey Oak treesFind the row of ‘Governor George Grey Oaks’ that were planted in 1849. They have ‘Notable Tree’ Plaques attached to them.

Question : How many oaks are there ?


  1. They are near a wooden gate.
  2. You can see them from the front door of Riccarton house.
  3. They are close to the driveway.