Letters To My Grandchildren

A delightful book written by Jane Deans in 1888, telling her grandchildren about life from when she arrived at Riccarton in 1852 until when she wrote the letters in 1888.  A story of love, tragedy, hardship, entrepreneurship and hard work from the very start of a new life in the new town of Christchurch.

The Letters were first published by the Riccarton Bush Trust in 1923 with subsequent editions in 1971 and 1995. In late 2018 a fourth edition was published. The enhancements include a larger font, over 100 pictures, maps and drawings, two family trees and a timeline to provide context to the reader.

Cost: $20.00 including GST; packaging and postage in New Zealand $5.50

Riccarton Bush: Pūtaringamotu

A definitive 330 page hard cover text book edited by Dr Brian Molloy, covering the history, fauna and flora of Riccarton Bush.

Cost: Special Price $10 including GST; packaging and postage in New Zealand $7.00

Riccarton and the Deans Family

Joanna Orwin– Christchurch award winning author – brings to life the intriguing Deans story against the backdrop of Canterbury’s natural and social history.

The author’s passion for her local natural and historical environment is plainly evident in the detailed writings in several chapters of her book, from the early ‘Pioneer Adventurers’ to ‘Ensuring the Future’ covering the history of Riccarton Bush…

A beautifully illustrated book with an insightful and enjoyable read about the Deans family, this lovely coffee table book was published by David Bateman in 2015.

Cost: $25.00 including GST; packaging and postage in New Zealand $7.00

Riccarton House Earthquake Book

For those of you who would like the inside information  on the history and post-earthquake restoration of  Riccarton House, then this is a must see and read.

Past manager of Riccarton House, Rob Dally and his wife Jan have put together a beautifully photographed “Riccarton House Earthquake Book” for posterity.  Rob was in his office room when the 22nd February 2011 earthquake struck and as he stated in his book, at no time did he fear for his safety as he had “faith in the robustness of the old Lady”.   $2.5 million was spent on the full restoration of Riccarton House,  stabilising and enhancing the integrity of the heritage home – the “deconstruction, reconstruction and rebirth of this wonderful building over a period of 3.5 years”..

A limited number of personally signed Riccarton House Earthquake Books are available for sale at Riccarton House

Cost: $135 including GST; packaging and postage in New Zealand additional.

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